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Being a Roma is Not a Way of Life

Postcard campaign

CFCF launched the "I am Roma, not a Way of Life" postcard campaign at an antiracist demonstration against hatespeech on May 10th. The goal of the campaign is to mobilize the public to send postcards to the judge for a public apology and three government representatives to demand measures to stop hate speech among public servants and those exercising public authority.

For the press release on the event click here.

Postcard to the government ("I am a Roma, not a Way of Life")

Postcard to the judge ("I am a Roma, not a Way of Life")

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Being a Roma is Not a Way of Life!

NGOs protest Racism at Court


29 NGOs and two former minority ombudspersons protest the judgment made at the Regional Court of Gyula in Békés County regarding the extreme-right group "For a Better Future," which acts as the new "Hungarian Guard."


The protesting NGOs sent a letter to the judge, her employer, the head of the Gyula Court, the National Office of the Courts and the National Ethical Council of Judges on April 30th, 2014.

The European Roma Rights Center also sent a letter to the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance. You can read the letter by clicking here.

You can read the press release on the letter and the case by clicking here.


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